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What Are Translation Services?

Many regulatory authorities require documents for type approvals to be translated into the countries primary language.  For example, Argentina and Mexico require user manuals in Spanish for many products which will be certified.   Brazil requires official translations to Portuguese if equipment is intended for the general public.  Often products will require information content on the packaging to be translated as well.    iCertifi will eliminate additional delays by providing translation services for our clients.  Our translation team comprises both employees certified for technical translations and freelance linguists, translators and proofreaders.  We only use native translators so we can ensure accurate localization.  Our translators undergo very strict screening to ensure the standard of our translations are as technically accurate as possible. This is important to ensure technical documents are translated accurately.

iCertifi can also provide legally certified translations which will be signed and stamped by governmental notaries.  These certified translations will be accepted by governmental agencies and professional associations worldwide. Let iCertifi help reduce your time to market by providing you the translations needed and reduce the burden on the manufacturers side.

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