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CE Certification

Let iCertifi help you with your CE approvals. Since we are a consulting firm we offer a different approach to homologations.  Since we are not a test laboratory, we have partnerships with several test laboratories world wide.  We will negotiate the pricing from multiple test labs to ensure you obtain the best pricing possible.  Since we are not tied to a single laboratory we can also find laboratories with the best completion time. This allows you to obtain your certifications much faster which will allow your time to market to be expedited.

FCC certification

The United States has certain standards for products that could help reduce the electromagnetic interference frequency of radio frequency (RF) interference between electronic devices. Any electronic device or equipment sold in the United States should not endanger US public safety or interfere with other electrical equipment.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for the development, implementation and application of the Convention Established in Communications by the 1934 Law and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The FCC is a US Federal Government agency designed to regulate all forms of telecommunications in the US, including Radio, television, digital cameras, Bluetooth, wireless devices and a wide spectrum of RF electronics.

Translation Services

Many regulatory authorities require documents for type approvals to be translated into the countries primary language.  For example, Argentina and Mexico require user manuals in Spanish for many products which will be certified.   Brazil requires official translations to Portuguese if equipment is intended for the general public.  Often products will require information content on the packaging to be translated as well.    iCertifi will eliminate additional delays by providing translation services for our clients.  Our translation team comprises both employees certified for technical translations and freelance linguists, translators and proofreaders.  We only use native translators so we can ensure accurate localization.  Our translators undergo very strict screening to ensure the standard of our translations are as technically accurate as possible. This is important to ensure technical documents are translated accurately.

International Standards Identification

Often manufacturers obtain the preliminary test reports and grants which is a start to their global marketing ambitions.  However, quickly its realized that each country has specific regulations which may not have been understood during the market analysis phase.  Instead of spending weeks and hours trying to determine the exact regulations to enter a market, allow iCertifi’s team of researchers to do this for you.  iCertifi has direct relations with the regulatory authorities and telecommunications engineers and will quickly identify the standards which your product must conform to, in any country you wish to access.

Local Representative Services

Many manufacturers choose to expand their products to additional countries due to increasing sales opportunities.  After distribution negotiation is finalized and the certification process is under review, manufacturers learn that some country agencies require the type approval certificate to be in the name of a local applicant (or local representative).  The reason for a local applicant requirement is to ensure there will be a single point of contact within the country if the regulatory body must contact the manufacturer.  It is much easier for communication to occur between a local company and the regulator, in which the local applicant will have the burden of facilitating communication between the parties involved.

Sample Concierge Services

iCertifi works with clients that demand high levels of security while obtaining International Market Access.  In today’s world of media leaks, internet hacks and other means for the public to find out about products prior to launch, manufacturers are willing to take every precaution to ensure their products will be protected from the public until their launch date.

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