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What are Sample Concierge Services?

iCertifi works with clients that demand high levels of security while obtaining International Market Access.  In today’s world of media leaks, internet hacks and other means for the public to find out about products prior to launch, manufacturers are willing to take every precaution to ensure their products will be protected from the public until their launch date.

This demand for privacy has allowed iCertifi to create services to minimize the opportunity of leaks during the product type approval process.  If your product requires the maximum security, iCertifi provides a concierge service which involves our team obtaining your product samples from the manufacturers location and providing safe transport of the product to the international testing facility.  The product will never be out of iCertifi’s control from beginning to end.  iCertifi’s relationship with international testing laboratories allow us to request private testing chambers with minimal employee interaction.  We utilize product shielding devices so laboratory engineers will not know the size, shape or name of our client’s products being tested.  Legal agreements with all parties are issued to bind all partners together, ensuring the product information is secure and leaks are minimized, if not eliminated.  Don’t worry about the security of your samples during testing, let iCertifi manage this the sample protection on your behalf.

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