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What is International Standards Identification?

Often manufacturers obtain the preliminary test reports and grants which is a start to their global marketing ambitions.  However, quickly its realized that each country has specific regulations which may not have been understood during the market analysis phase.  Instead of spending weeks and hours trying to determine the exact regulations to enter a market, allow iCertifi’s team of researchers to do this for you.  iCertifi has direct relations with the regulatory authorities and telecommunications engineers and will quickly identify the standards which your product must conform to, in any country you wish to access.  International type approval regulations and standards are constantly changing which will cause information to be outdated within days.  Our jobs are to stay abreast of these regulations which will help you avoid costly mistakes.  Engaging our experts will give you the up-to-date information on your product certification requirements, saving your resources for other things that matter to your bottom line.

So your products technology doesn’t fit criteria for approval in a specific country?  No worries, iCertifi’s team of regulatory engineers will work on your behalf of you with foreign government bodies to help explain your case for approval.  With new technologies entering the markets daily, often the regulatory authorities do not have the most current technologies outlined in their regulations.  iCertifi will work diligently with these authorities to get your product approved.

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