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Malaysia: Changes to Class Assignments

Major changes for class assignments in Malaysia.  Additional Inductive Application Device frequency bands have been added. These products will now require a Type Approval!  There are also changes with wireless microphones as well as the 916-924 MHz frequency for Short-Range Devices (SRD).  Here are some of the changes below:

  • 916 – 919 MHz (SRD)
  • 923 – 924 MHz (SRD)
  • 174 – 230 MHz (Wireless Microphones)
  • 470 – 694 MHz (Wireless Microphones)
  • 694 – 798 MHz (Wireless Microphones) will stay valid until June 30th, 2018
  • Ranges for Inductive Application Devices were added

Please note, if you sell Wireless Microphones in the Malaysian market, you will need to modify your original equipment to meet the standard.

Also, if you previously sold Inductive Application Devices without Type Approval, it is now required.

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