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New RFID and IoT Technical Standards for Thailand

Two new Technical Standards were announced by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications of Thailand (NBTC) on November 24th, 2017.

  • New Standard NBTC TS 1010-2560 will replace NBTC TS 1010-2550 for RFID Communication Equipment
  • New Standard NBTC TS 1033-2560 for IoT Devices

NBTC TS 1010-2560 is in effect immediately.  While the frequency bands remain the same (920 – 925 MHz), there is a new classification for RFID devices with output power less than 50mW.

NBTC TS 1033-2560 defines the technical requirements for non-RFID devices.  In the past, the 920 – 925 MHz was open to RFID only.  This new standard allows for IoT or LoRa devices to use these frequency bands.

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