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International Type Approval Made Easy

iCertifi is a global compliance consulting company specializing in assisting original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, distributors, and retailers around the world to meet international regulations in order to achieve global market access. We make your type approval needs hassle-free.

Type Approval for Every Country

Our team of experienced type approval professionals is equipped to certify your products and services in most countries around the globe.

Type Approval in North America
Type Approval in North America
Type Approval in South America
Type Approval in South America
type approval in europe
Type Approval in Europe
Type Approval in Africa
Type Approval in Africa
Type Approval in Asia
Type Approval in Asia
Type Approval in Australia
Type Approval in Australia
Type approval

We Take the Hassle Out of Type Approval

When you hire iCertifi to obtain Type Approval for your products or services in a specific country or region, you can focus more of your time on everything else.

Customer Service Focus
Administrative Discipline
Detail Oriented
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About iCertifi

iCertifi offers services for wireless, telecom, and safety certification for most regions of the world with a level of customer service that ensures our clients’ best interests are met. This includes responsive communication, certificate expiration tracking, and more. Our sales representatives and project managers answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner, quote product compliance services according to country regulations, and proactively offer alternatives to certificate resolution for challenging situations, while staying within the boundaries of those regulations.

iCertifi is the result of years of growth from what was originally Americas Compliance Consulting. ACC started as a compliance agency that focused solely on type approval in the Central/Latin America and Caribbean regions. Because of the nature of the industry and clients’ needs for certification beyond just CALA/Caribbean, it made sense to offer a “one-stop shop” so clients didn’t need to break apart their requests between different companies.

Our expansion was inevitable. Now, all your requests for certification can come directly to us at iCertifi, with quotes spanning the globe so you can gain the knowledge you need for budget and market launch planning at the certification level.

iCertifi’s administrative office is located in the paradise of Sunriver, Oregon. We have offices in Mexico and Brazil staffed with engineers and project managers who oversee the projects for those countries with a very hands-on approach.

iCertifi offers local representative/certificate holder services for all the countries that require a certificate to be in a local agent’s name. We track the expiration dates of all certificates that have limited validity, sending notification 90 days in advance of the date of expiration, and again as the date draws nearer. This allows our clients to determine if a renewal should be made in a given region based on sales and marketing efforts. We understand that your staff has more than just certification tracking in your scope of job duties, so we gladly take that off your plate so you can focus on the other pressing points of your job.

We encourage our clients and potential clients to contact us and have an open conversation about the parts of international compliance certification that you find challenging, frustrating and downright unbearable. It is our job to ensure that these challenges are minimized, if not eradicated, from your workload through effective communication and project management.

What our Clients are Saying

Superb Support

Great team with exceptional customer service who handles our certifications across Latin America. They find proactive ways to ensure full compliance, and their team keeps us abreast of any issues promptly if they arise.

An Extension of Our Team

As a modular radio OEM, we are very happy to work with iCertifi.  They are an extension of our team and provide us excellent support on projects and research we need.  I would recommend them to any manufacturer needing international type approval support.

Very Satisfied

We are very satisfied and happy to have found iCertifi as our Regulatory Partner. The level of professionalism of iCertifi-team always exceed my expectations.

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